A bit about us

Mangledwire Hoops is the brainchild of Andy Maguire. Andy is an avid festival goer and more recently a Dad with children who have a passion for LED hoops! Andy and his fellow festival friends were always impressed by the hoop shows and on occasion likes to partake in a bit of hooping himself. More recently his children have developed a passion for lighting up the house by hula’ing away the days and nights. Andy loves LED hoops …… what he didn’t like was the price tags that came with them.

Now Andy isn’t just a joy to behold when hooping.  His background is in engineering and general tinkering. So one day he decided to dissect one of his child’s hoops. This might not have ended well but Andy handed back the hoop to his teary child whose face turned to wonderment as Andy had tweaked and improved this hoop to simply be the best light changing hoop that had ever lived. From that day fourth Andy’s basement became a cave of development and hoops parts and he has never looked back.

Andy and his team now produce all kinds of hoops! All colours, all sizes and all with amazing lighting effects and more importantly at a price you don’t have to sell a major organ for.  Check out our products page for available hoops or contact us directly about bespoke hoops made just for you.


Mangledwire LED hula hoops
Mangledwire LED hooping front