Hula friends and legends

Nula Hula

Nula is a dynamic hula hoop artist and teacher. She performs and leads workshops at events and festivals nation-wide, bringing hula hoopery magic to people of all ages.

She performs with fire, multiple hoops and dazzles audiences with her Mangled wire LED hoop shows.

Her multiple hoop spinning has impressed a number of large audiences in London. Including Lumiere London Festival 2016 and at The Roundhouse.

‘My mangledwire hoops have been fabulous! They transformed my multiple hoop routine into a dazzling show! Audiences of all ages have been mesmerised’

We at Mangledwire just want to sat that Nula is great. Her shows are fantastic and and she is a lovely person as well. We are proud to call her our hula friend.

Not only that, but she sends us awesome photos of our hoops in action. Keep up the good work Nula 😉



Youtube video link: