Check out THE most awesome LED hoops

Our hoops are all hand assembled in the UK to order, and each one is tested for quality before despatch.

The hoops are all chargeable via a normal micro USB charger (the same used for most android phones and tablets) and have between 1 and 6 Lithium Iron rechargeable batteries inside.

MW Hoops 2

Standard Hoop

From £75


Colour Changing Hoop. They fade / strobe between 7 different colours, both in and out of sync – they are pretty cool

hula hoop image (cropped)

Remote control hoops

From £119

Radio controlled, colour changing, flashing, fading, super awesome hoops. You can alter the speed, pattern, colours, brightness of a hoop remotely using the simple remote control.



From £125

Our favorite hoop to date. It has three times as many lights in as a normal hoop and fades / strobes through over 300 patterns.